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11. Angle Conversion Calculator:
Seamlessly switch between degrees, radians, and gradients, simplifying geometric calculations across various contexts, from engineering to mathematics.

12. CGPA Calculator:
Track your academic progress effortlessly, computing your Cumulative Grade Point Average accurately to monitor your educational achievements and set future goals.

13. Adding Machine Calculator:
Streamline basic arithmetic tasks with precision, facilitating quick and accurate addition operations for any numerical data set.

14. Cube Root Calculator:
Solve complex mathematical equations with ease, finding the cube root of any number swiftly and accurately, aiding in scientific and engineering computations.

15. Difference of Two Squares Calculator:
Simplify algebraic expressions effortlessly, computing the difference of squares instantly, assisting in factoring and polynomial simplification.

16. Target Heart Rate Calculator:
Optimize your workouts with personalized target heart rates, ensuring efficient cardiovascular training and maximizing fitness gains based on age and exercise intensity.

17. Word Counter:
Analyze textual content efficiently, counting words accurately to gauge document length, aiding writers, editors, and students in meeting specific word count requirements.

18. Descriptive Statistics Calculator:
Gain insights into data distributions effortlessly, generating key statistical measures such as mean, median, and standard deviation to inform decision-making processes.

19. Character Counter:
Manage text length effectively, counting characters precisely to meet constraints in various contexts such as social media posts, emails, or academic assignments.

20. Random Name Picker:
Facilitate fair and unbiased selection processes, randomly picking names from a pool to ensure impartiality in contests, giveaways, or classroom activities. your life.

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